StudioFYNN helps companies, brands & organizations express their purpose and make a difference. Storytelling is at the heart of everything we do, from design to consumer insights and communications, we are a creative force for brand and social impact
The power of words and images
We are versed in multiple media methods for communication campaigns, cultural immersion, consumer insights and ethnographic documentation.
We bring together our global experience and network to offer strategic points of view. Using qualitative methods we establish informed perspectives on issues that influence your project, brand or business creating pathways for new innovation, design opportunities and communication campaigns.
We facilitate opportunity identification for companies and brands through quantitative analysis. Using a suite of decision analysis tools and methods we translate data into insights.
foundation for innovation and new thinking
Understanding trends, data, behavior patterns and cultural indicators are important factors that help us outline potential scenarios around which to build and define new business, product, communication or service opportunities.
We create beautiful, original and compelling experiences for communications, products, environments and services.
We evolve your brand within its existing domain or define its migration into new territories, cultures or markets.

Selected clients: 

Exhibitions, awards and publications 

Over the years STUDIOFYNN’s works has received many awards and has featured in numerous museums, exhibitions and publications. A select list is below

The Atlantic, Photographing the Hazardous Resting Places of Obsolete Electronics, The E-Waste Tsunami exhibition, The Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, NYC, USA, March 2016.

Fast Company, How Can Product Designers Help Solve the World's Massive E-Waste Problem,  The E-Waste Tsunami exhibition, The Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, NYC, USA, March 2016.

Harvard, Sense & Sustainability, An E-Waste Tsunami, E-Waste panel discussion, Parsons, The New School, NYC, USA, March 2016.

Fast Company, What Life Is Like In One Of The Worlds Fastest Growing Cities, photo documentary, NYC, USA, November 2013.

Fast Company, Ethical Labour Practice, photo documentary, NYC, USA, August 2013. 

Core 77. Church, Mosque and State, photo documentary, NYC, USA, October 2013. 

Core 77. A Brave New Modernism, photo documenatary, NYC, USA, August 2013.

Mission Media, Blind School & Pathways, photo documentary, NYC, USA, August 2013. 

Mission Media, Kumbh Mela, Humanities Largest Gathering, photo documentary, NYC, USA, April 2013. 

Proctor & Gamble, Cityscapes, solo photo exhibition, Boston, USA, 2012.

Product Design Now, multiple STUDIOFYNN design projects, HarperCollins, USA, 2006 & 2010.

Smoke, Linea Editorial, Incense Burner for Nambe, Argentina, 2008.

Graphis, Annual Design Review, Mono Chair, NYC, USA, 2004.

Neocon, Chicago, Silver Award, KI Desktop Accessories, USA, 2003.

Les Enfants du Design exhibition, Mono Chair, Paris, France, 2003.

Repertorio del Design Italiano 1950 - 2000. Mono Chair included in the best Italian designs of the last 50 years. Milan, Italy 2003.

Chicago Athenaeum. Good Design Awards, Mono Chair and KI Desktop Accessories, USA, 2000 & 2003.

New York Museum of Modern Art, Workspheres exhibition including Wilson Jones binders, Replacing PVC, NYC, USA, 2001.

Los Angeles Times, review of STUDIOFYNN and Mono Chair, USA, 2001.

Elle Decoration, review of STUDIOFYNN and Mono Chair, UK, 2001.

Package and Design Magazine. review of STUDIOFYNN including multiple design projects, China, 2001.

The Guardian, review of STUDIOFYNN and Mono Chair, UK, 2000.

Azure Magazine, review of STUDIOFYNN and Mono Chair, Canada, 2000

ID Magazine. UK, review of STUDIOFYNN and Mono Chair, London, UK, 2000.

ID Magazine 41st and 49th. Annual Design Review, Panda Project Computer Server and Mono Chair, USA, 1995 & 2000.

I-made 2001 - I Modi del Produrre. Mono Chair featured in the exhibition and subsequent book publication. Milan, Italy, 2001.

Inside Magazine, review of STUDIOFYNN and Mono Chair. Australia, 2000.

International Design Yearbook, The Panda Project, USA / UK, 1995.

Interior Design, review of STUDIOFYNN, USA, 2000.

Neues Museum Bremen, Design Time, Panda Project Computer Server, Germany, 1995.