The Art of Play

Redesigning the Play Experience for McDonalds Restaurants


STUDIOFYNN recently completed new play area design concepts for McDonalds Concept & Design team. The ‘Art of Play’ is a design program primarily intended as a global platform with considerations for evolving restaurants and markets. The conceptual solutions defined a unique brand statement differentiating McDonalds from it competitors through ‘ownable’ brand elements and experiences.

Cultural indicators along with known play experiences, play patterns, activities and values, were all studied and supported through system thinking that combined intelligent modular adaptation, material and specification innovation, cost reduction and supply chain support. 

With play being a strong part of McDonald's restaurant heritage, the The Art of Play presented a renewed opportunity to increase the value of the overall McDonalds brand experience. The unique solutions offer a balance of strong brand and visual statement complimenting new directions in restaurant design.

Services and delieverables;

Secondary research, user experience, brand development, concept design, industrial design, 3D CAD, animation

Wall graphics courtesy of McDonalds.