Delhi Journey

A Short Film to Accompany the E Waste-Tsunami Project

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Directed, produced and shot by Shaun Fynn, Delhi Journey is a short film to accompany StudioFYNN's E Waste Tsunami Project. Intended as a counterbalance to the documentary and data visualizations of the E-Waste Tsunami content, the visual narrative employs the art film genre to communicate what it feels like to live and be amoungst this community through dreamlike and nightmarish montage sequences.

The film explores the industrialized landscape of the urban poor in a developing world metropolis. The Urban poor are the community and sector of society to which the waste-picker community belong.

The journey begins at Bhalswa Landfill and asscociated communities in northwestern Delhi and then moves through the rapidly expanding infrastructure of the city. It concludes with a passage through unregulated housing developments that form a large part of this 21st century metropolis.

With post production, art direction and editing by Ricardo Serrano and music by Ryan Taubert, the film is a haunting reminder of the environmental and social pressures faced by many 21st century developing world cities.

Tasks and content types produced;

On location video shooting, direction, production, storyboard and visual narrative, art direction, music selection, video editing and post production.