Perspectives on Plastic

Materials are not necessarily good or bad, its what we do with them that matters. This is an ongoing study examining the nature of the simple plastic artifact in emerging markets.  These very preliminary observations examine the associated value of the object and material, use and reuse, aesthetic sensibility and the environmental and social impact. The concept of material lifecycle is a broad and complex subject but this series begins to examine some consumer needs and value systems associated with the product and its constituent materials.

Doll with human resemblance, China
Happy toy with gun, China
Cow and Lion, China
Monkey with baby and Bananas, China
Toys at roadside store, India
Ganesh, dashboard Deity, India
Clock shop. India
Utilitarian artifacts, India
Used mobile phones for sale, market, India
Shoes, market, India
Stacking chairs, India
Re-usable egg packaging, India
Plastic jewelry on sale, India
Plastic jewelry used to diffuse light on a tube lamp, India
Hotel room, India
Mannequin, India
Mannequin, Morocco
Plastic bottle used as gas tank, Cambodia
Plastic chairs used for laundry, Cambodia
Re-usable shopping bag, Cambodia
Rubbish bin caricatures, India
Water transportation, India
Basic essentials, toilet and bucket, India
Polystyrene packaging used as a swimming aid, India
Re-using water bottles, India
House building, India
Manual material separation, India
Material separation baskets, landfill site, Indonesia
Rubbish picker community, living and working on the landfill site, Indonesia.
Rubbish picker community, living and working on the landfill site, Indonesia.
All images © Shaun Fynn