The Covid 19 pandemic has brought both crisis and opportunity to many businesses, the key to successfully navigating these unprecedented times is to understand how to realign business focus and strategy to address the future that has arrived early.



StudioFYNN receently completed the sustainability communication campaign for Coca Cola. We created a strategy and full suite of communication / content assets for external audiences of consumers, investors/stakeholders and civil society.

The emergence of the smart bathroom and the ecosystems of IOT provide a platform for many new product opportunities.

StudioFYNN consulted to Kohler to explore multiple user experience scenarios to push the boundaries of how the user can interect with the physical and digital experiences a smart bathroom can facilitate.

Understanding and translating cultural rythyms through ethnography and analytics is central to StudioFYNN's methodology. 

We recently completed and extensive research and strategy project for HNI corporation involving both primary and secondary research across the United States. The purpose was to understand how the value systems and behaviours of Millennials will impact and dicate the future of work practice and the design office environments and products.


A short one minute video to communicate the meaningful and poetic aspects of Landscape Forms design solutions and the deeper human experience of connecting with each other in outdoor spac.

The visual narrative is based on abstract representations of the landscape taken from aerial perspectives moving from footage from the International Space Station to nature and public spaces where Landscape Forms products and experiences reside.

StudioFYNN designs and facilates workshops and design thinking sessions for clients.

We recently consulted to GBG to apply the design thinking innovation process to the problems and opportunities related to fashion, over comsumption, waste and the circular economy.

We used our research process to establish points of view and collate critiacal infomation and data, we then developed the workshop to seek and define new business, brand and design opportunities within the framework of the circular economy.

Photographs and text by Shaun Fynn.

240 pages (9 x 12 inches / 228 x 305 mmpublished by Princeton Architectural Press & Mapin Publishing 2017.


STUDIOFYNN recently completed new play area design concepts for McDonalds Concept & Design team. The ‘Art of Play’ is a design program primarily intended as a global platform with considerations for evolving restaurants and markets. The conceptual solutions defined a unique brand statement differentiating McDonalds from it competitors through ‘ownable’ brand elements and experiences.

In a saturated market the importance of differentiation through brand strategy and design is critical.

StudioFYNN consulted to Wilson to help create distinctive brand statements and segmentation. Working closely with Wilson, we defined new areas for genuine innovation and competitive advantage through brand evolution and design.

StudioFYNN was recently commissioned by a global leader in the food and beverage industry to utilize our process of Cultural Visualization for research and consumer insights in Mexico. Our process was utilized in support of our client’s objective to increase profits, sales and portfolio value while playing a positive and significant role in community and sustainability issues.