Journal archive July 2012

It is difficult to decide the correct connotation of the word jugaad. While some view it as a quality of a genius, some reject it on grounds of improper quick-fix. Some people also believe that DIY had its origin in jugaad. But in my opinion, jugaad roots from lack of a better option or resources, or from the mindset of having just about what serves the purpose. If any solution to a problem leads to saving money, time or resources, it would be called jugaad. It uses objects in ways they were not meant to be used but come together to serve the purpose. 

STUDIOFYNN recently completed a major research program to identify Indian market opportunities for Steelcase WorkSpace Futures. The objective of the study was to identify cultural indicators, patterns, behaviors and markers that are unique to the Indian context around which business and design strategy can be formulated.

India is a relatively unexplored territory for multi national contract furniture companies, it is estmated their combined offerings may capture less than 2% of the market.