The Future of the Data Center and Elevating Brand Values ; for Oracle

Visions of the future. Hal 9000 from Stanley Kubrick's 2001, A Space Odyssey

StudioFYNN recently completed a research, design and branding project for Oracle. The objective was to understand how to integrate and promote the value of Oracle hardware design into current and future data center environments.

The project initiated with of a research phase to undersand the evolution of the data center and how product design not only impacts the immediate functional requirements but also how it can be a vehicle to communicate the wider notion of technology and the representation of progress. StudioFYNN then guided a workshop with Oracle's design and human factors teams concluding with a strategic roadmap for future product design programs and intiaitives. 

In today's competitve and rapidly progressing business environments it is import to understand how brand values connect by association (advertising and communication) and manifestation (products and services). Understanding this difference is key to implementing brand values successfully across all aspects of a business.