The Private Office for Steelcase / Details

STUDIOFYNN recently completed an analysis of the private office space and the potential for innovation and new solutions in this category for the Details division of Steelcase.

Design for the private office entails a deep analysis of the influencers that come into play in these environments. Assumptions that only status applies in such contexts often results in ostentatious displays and solutions that only scratch the surface of what really governs personal esteem, efficiency and well being.

STUDIOFYNN used an in depth analytical process to breakdown the fundamental influencing social and hierarchical factors that apply and how positive elements such as esteem can be designed for. Also, the vital importance of technological, environmental and workflow / organizational aspects of activities were considered in this context.

The result was a clear set of opportunity identifications around which new products and work environments can be created to evolve how these workspaces are utilized and perceived.