StudioFYNN recently completed a research, design and branding project for Oracle. The objective was to understand how to integrate and promote the value of Oracle hardware design into current and future data center environments.

StudioFYNN recently completed a research and opportunity identification program for Steelcase Education Solutions. The project objective was to understand issues for power delivery and termination in higher educational environments and define new product opportunities by synthesizing the intangible and disparate elements of a complex problem into a tangible framework.

Currently the topic of much debate, wearable devices represent a new era in our relationship with technology. Below are ten considerations to explore some of the parameters of a complex debate as technology becomes an ever closer companion in the human realm.

1. Precedents

"Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them"

Albert Einstein.

Recently there has been a great deal of focus on the role of design in evoking emotion and creating a strong connection to the consumer. But what is emotional design?

Craft is a very complex unorganised sector within industry. Many crafts originated with the need for objects of daily use and were made out of materials available within close proximity. It was in many ways a beautifully structured work model that has been increasingly challenged, and distorted by the forces of globalisation.

Social realism is an art form or movement concerning itself with realistic reflections or interpretations of simple, everyday occasions or current political or socio economic events. Often considered a reaction to the earlier movement of romanticism, social realism confronts the truths underlying our ordinary existences in contemporary society.

“There is nothing in this world that does not have
a decisive moment”
Cardinal de Retz (b.1613 – d.1679)

The entry of multinational companies in emerging markets has created a surge in economic activity and has redefined globalization. Multinationals are no longer considered marginal to an emerging market’s economy, instead they are seen as a source of market competition and industrial growth. Open economies with skilled workforces and good growth prospects tend to attract larger amounts of foreign direct investment than closed, highly regulated economies.

It is difficult to decide the correct connotation of the word jugaad. While some view it as a quality of a genius, some reject it on grounds of improper quick-fix. Some people also believe that DIY had its origin in jugaad. But in my opinion, jugaad roots from lack of a better option or resources, or from the mindset of having just about what serves the purpose. If any solution to a problem leads to saving money, time or resources, it would be called jugaad. It uses objects in ways they were not meant to be used but come together to serve the purpose.